Ornamental Plant Resources, Germplasm Innovation and Utilization

Research Areas

Classification and assessment, domestication, propagation, breeding and commercialization of ornamental plants; genetic mechanisms in plant morphology and development. Interests are mainly focused on NelumboBegonia and other taxa with important ornamental values.

Principal Investigator (PI)
Daike Tian, Ph.D., Professor
Tel: 86-21-57762652 Fax: 86-21-57762652
Email: dktian@sibs.ac.cn
Address: 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang Shanghai, 201602, China Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, Chinese Academy
Education Background

Ph.D. in Horticulture, Auburn University, USA, 2008
M.S. in Botany, Kunming Institute of Botany and Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 1999
B.S. in Biology Education, Hunan Normal University, China, 1993


2011-            Professor, Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai, China
2009 - 2011  Professor, South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China
2001 - 2003  Researcher and Project Manager, Shanghai Four Seasons Horticultural & Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China
2000 - 2001  Research Assistant, Kunming Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming China
1999 - 2000  Visiting Scholar, Toyama Botanical Garden, Japan
1993 - 1996  Assistant Engineer, Hunan Normal University, Hunan Institute of Biology, Changsha, China

Dasheng Zhang
Ph D., Associate Professor
Tel: 021-37792288*911
Email: zhdash001@163.com
Fengluan Liu
Ph.D., Research Associate
Tel: 021-37792288*911
Email: 19liu19@163.com
Naifeng Fu
M.S., Research Associate
Tel: 021-37792288*911
Email: funaifengtea@163.com
Qingqing Liu
M.S., Research Associate
Tel: 021-37792288*911
Email: nicecocoliu@sina.com
Yan Xiao
M.S., Research Assistant
Tel: 021-37792288*602
Email: xiaoyan881002@163.com


Mi Qin E-mail:1242294284@qq.com

Li Liu E-mail:15773206017@163.com

Jie Min E-mail:1936328606@qq.com

Qing Chen E-mail:872836210@qq.com


Selected Publications

  1. Zhao B, Fu N F, Xiang Y C, Tian D K*.  Screening of high-quality substrate for soilless culture of Begonia cucullata Willd. Agricultural Science & Technology. 2017.18(7):1295-1300.

  2. Liu AMTian DK*, Xiang YC*, Mo HB. Biochar improved growth of an important medicinal plant (Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge) and inhibited its cadmium uptake. Journal of Plant Biology & Soil Health. 2016. 3(2): 6-11.

  3. Feng CY, Li SS, Yin DD, Zhang HJ, Tian DK, Wu Q, Wang LJ, Su S, Wang LS*. Rapid determination of flavonoids in plumules of sacred lotus cultivars and assessment of their antioxidant activities. Industrial Crops and Products.2016. 87:96–104.

  4. Liu AMTian DK*, Xiang YC*, Mo HB. Effects of Biochar on growth of Asian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) and cadmium uptake in artificially cadmium-polluted water. Scientia Horticulturae. 2016. 198:311-317.

  5. Li C, Yang LH, Tian DK*, Chen YWu RJFu NFBegonia leipingensis (Begoniaceae), a new compound-leaved species with unique petiolule pattern from Guangxi of China. Phytotaxa. 2016. 244 (1): 045-056.

  6. Li C, Tian DK*, Li XP, Fu NF. Morphological and molecular identification of natural hybridization between Begonia hemsleyana and B. macrotomaScientia Horticulturae.2015. 192: 357-360.

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  9. Xiao Y, Li CHsieh TY, Tian DK*, Zhou JJ, Zhang DG, Chen GX*Eutrema bulbiferum (Brassicaceae), a new species with bulbils from Hunan, China. Phytotaxa. 2015. 219 (03): 233-242.

  10. Zhang WWTian DK*, Huang XXu YXMo HBLiu YBMeng JZhang DS. Characterization of flower-bud transcriptome and development of genic SSR markers in Asian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.).PLoS One. 2014. 9(11): e112223. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0112223.

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Published in Chinese

  1. Chen YZhang WWMo HBFu NFTian DK*.Construction of a genetic linkage map of lotus (Nelumbo Adans.) using EST-SSR markers. Molecular Plant Breeding. 2017. (Accepted)

  2. Zhao BFu NF, Xiang YC*, Tian DK*. Effects of light intensity and planting substrates on the growth of Begonia ningmingensis ‘Ningming Silver’, a new begonia cultivar. Guihaia. 2017. (Online)

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Patents Applied:

  1. Tian DKZhang DSChen QZhao XSFu NFLiu QQChen MJ, Wu SH. An in vitro regeneration method for Begonia wallichiana. 2016. NO. 201610824265.2.

  2. Tian DKZhang DSChen QLiu QQLiu FLZhao XSWu XChen MJ, Wu SH. A method for transient gene expression in lotus (Nelumbo Adans). 2016. NO. 201610824255.9.

  3. Tian DKLi XP, Li XJ. A cutting propagation technique for Begonia coptidifolia, an endangered and rare species. 2013. NO. 201310582499.7.

New Cultivars Registered Internationally:

  1. 12/2015, Nelumbo nucifera‘Hong Sijuan’ and Nelumbo ‘Zhongmei Jiao’.

  2. 10/2014, Saxifraga stolonifera‘Hei Kui’.