Research Group of Medicinal Plants and Secondary Metabolism

Research Areas

Biosynthesis and regulation of secondary metabolites in medicinal plants; Resources, biodiversity, geographic distribution and phylogenetics of medicinal plants in the family of Lamiaceae.

Ongoing Research:
1.Biosynthesis and regulation of Phenolic acids in Salvia miltiorrhiza.
2.Transcriptomes and metabolomes of Salvia herbs.
3.Genetic engineering and synthetic biology of active compounds from Salvia plants.

Principal Investigator (PI)
Xiaoya Chen, PhD, Professor, CAS academician.
Tel: 021-54924033,021-67657815
Address: Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201602

Xiaoya Chen, Ph.D., Principle Investigator. He was nominated as a CAS member in 2005, TWAS member in 2008 and is currently serving as director of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, director of Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, Chairman of Standing Committee of Chinese Society of Plant Biology (CSPB). 

Dr. Chen is interested in plant secondary metabolism, and his early academic career was devoted to plant taxonomy. His group has conducted in-depth study of terpene biosynthesis and regulation in several plant species, including cotton, Artemisia annua, Arabidopsis thaliana, and Salvia spp. He has made an important contribution to elucidation of gossypol biosynthesis pathway. Based on an insect model of cotton bollworm (Heliothis armigera), his group has made a technology breakthrough in developing plant-mediated RNA interference, which can effectively and specifically suppress the gene expressions herbivorous insects. Dr. Chen has hitherto more than 100 publications, the majority in prestigious journals, including Nature Biotechnology, Nature communication, Plant Cell, Plant Journal, Plant Physiology, etc. He has applied 14 invention patents. Among them, 7 have been authorized.

Jingjing Xu
Tel: 021-37792288*622
Lei Yang
Senior Engineer
Tel: 021-37792288-913
Yujiao Yan
Research Assistant
Tel: 021-37792288-518


Xiaojie Zhu

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