Chenshan Botanical Garden's First English Monograph "A Checklist of Woody Plants from East Asia" Gets Published


On Jan. 16, 2017, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden's (Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences) researcher Ma Jinshuang's English Monograph "A Checklist of Woody Plants from East Asia" (184 mm x 130mm, 650 pages, 70 words in total; list price: 360 Yuan) was formally published by Henan Science and Technology Press.

The book is divided into two parts: the first part introduces families and genera, lists the genera in each family, the species in each genus and each specie's specific distribution in East Asia (including widespread species and endemic species, as well as the number of endemic species in each country); the second part introduces genera and species, lists generic names in alphabetical order, followed by family names in brackets, then lists the species in each genus in alphabetical order and each species' geographical distribution in detail, including the worldwide distribution and the specific distribution in East Asian countries, such as the districts, cities, provinces in China, the cities and prefectures in Japan, the municipalities and special administrative regions in South Korea and North Korea, as well as the elevation information. Researcher Ma Jinshuang began to collect and sort East Asia's botanical literature from 2004. After nearly 12 years of hard research, he finally completed the list of woody plants (including trees, shrubs, subshrubs and woody vines) from four East Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea).

The book's system design, taxonomic group arrangement and contentare novel and unique, comprehensive and detailed. It's an authoritative work of contemporary East Asian woody plants.