Chenshan Botanical Garden Holds Online and Offline Activities for the National Science Popularization Day 2017


To make the concept of "innovative, harmonious, green, open, shared" development take root in people's mind, enhance the public awareness of science and organize good activities in Shanghai for the "National Science Popularization Day" in 2017, during Sept. 8-12 and on Sept. 16, Chenshan Botanical Garden successively organized online and offline interactive science popularization activities based on its features.

The science popularization activities were carried out under the theme "The Mystery of Aquatic Plants", in the form of an online interactive Q&A, offline expert lecture and field visit. More than 2,000 people took part in the online interactive Q&A. More than 40 lucky citizens were selected for the offline science lecture "Face-to-Face with Experts" and field visit to appreciate the aquatic plants exhibited around China. The activities were well received by the public.