Chenshan Botanical Garden's Rose Soap DIY Activity Welcomed by Families with Children


During the May Day holiday, Chenshan Botanical Garden's Rose Creation Workshop was welcomed by families with children. More than 200 families made their favorite rose soaps with their own hands as instructed by our science popularization staff, and took their works back home with satisfaction.

As one of the eight theme activities of 2017 Shanghai International Rose Show, Rose Creation Studio was a theme science popularization activity jointly planned and carried out by Chenshan Botanical Garden's science popularization team and Ant Parent-Child Tour. In the Rose Soap DIY activity, water baths, soap bases, rose petals, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oil, food coloring and other materials were used. In the process of making soaps, the choice between different colors, shapes and smells inspired children's creativity. The activity was welcomed by children and their parents.