"Love You Forever • Chinese Roses Bloom" 2019 Shanghai Chinese Roses Exhibition Grand Opening


Time comes to April, Chinese roses are blooming, green willows are opening of bolls, warmth seems to flow between heaven and earth, and a gentle natural dream begins. The spring breeze in Shanghai has a hint of summer atmosphere. In this wonderful season, Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical Garden holds “2019 Shanghai Chinese Roses Exhibition” from April 26, 2019 (Friday) to May 20, 2019 (Monday). Cutting Chinese rose, Container Chinese rose, Tree-shaped Chinese rose, European rose, new Chinese rose, etc.... An exhibition attended by different varieties of roses is being held at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Chinese rose, Chinese traditional flower, has been loved by the people for thousands of years. Today, as an important part of urban landscape flowers, Chinese Rose is widely used in garden landscapes and “four modernizations”. As a reserve army that has entered the ranks of world-class botanical gardens, Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical Garden continues to carry out new varieties research and urban promotion to enhance Shanghai's landscape taste. For example, “Angela” Chinese rose is the most widely used liana Chinese rose after demonstration, display and promotion; and it has been planted in some streets in Shanghai, turning the cement wall into a floral wall with floral fragrance.

2019 Shanghai Chinese Roses Exhibition is hosted by the Chinese Roses branch of the China Flower Association, and organized by Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and Shanghai Chinese Roses Association. The Exhibition has received strong support from the Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administration Bureau, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, the Shanghai Songjiang District People's Government, the Shanghai Ecological Culture Association and the East Radio Center, Radio and Television Shanghai. The Exhibition continues the influence and reputation of Chenshan “Spring Flowers and Autumn Joy” activities, vigorously advocates low-carbon green life, enhances local characteristics and status, promotes domestic exchanges and cooperation, and further promotes the development and innovation of Chinese roses industrialization.

The exhibition is designed for people to go out for an outing and enjoy the flowers outdoors. The theme of the exhibition is "Love You Forever · Chinese Roses Bloom". The total exhibition area is 42,000 square meters, and seven major exhibition areas are carefully arranged. There is a flower exhibition line connecting the No.1 door hall to the Chinese roses island, the mine garden, the impression flower bed and the Chinese roses variety display area for nearly 2.5 kilometers. There are 880 Chinese rose varieties and nearly 100 tree-shaped Chinese roses creating a colorful Chinese roses kingdom for visitors. A tapestry woven by various Chinese roses is about to open, with a romantic atmosphere such as rose sculptures, romantic flower bridges, rose flowers and love towns, so that when visitors are in it, they can fully appreciate the wonderful experience of "Scent of the Chinese Roses".