2017 Chenshan Botanical Garden's Spring Flower Show Opens


During Jan. 26-Feb. 15, 2017 Chenshan Botanical Garden's Spring Flower Show titled "Famous Chinese and Foreign Flowers Blooming in the New Spring" opened grandly. This flower show mainly exhibited tree peonies, tulips, lilies, other famous Chinese and foreign flowers. Through Chinese and foreign gardeners' arrangements, the first early spring seas of flowers with Chenshan characteristics was presented to the citizens.

Formed by four exhibition areas, i.e. Blooming Peonies, Tour of Tulips, Lilies in Spring, Purple in Spring, Chenshan Seas of Flowers were distributed in four places in the botanical garden. In the Quarry Garden's Lake area, there were nearly 1,000 blooming tree peonies. Among the 49 varieties, the Jade Pearl, Blue Line, Crown were exhibited for the first time. In the hall at Gate 1, Dutch floriculture masters were invited to design the exhibition. Stories about tulips in the four places of origin, i.e. China, Holland, France and New Zealand, were introduced. In the Rare and Exotic Plants Greenhouse, blooming red, orange, yellow out-of-season lilies competed with each other for beauty. In the meantime, there were Tulipa gesneriana, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, Hippeastrum rutilum and other bulbous plants that flower during the Spring Festival only by means of modern science and technology. In the Indoor Garden, tens of thousands of Tulipa gesneriana, Hyacinthus orientalis, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, and lilies were in in bloom.

During the Spring Flower Show, there also were many creative activities, such as "guess lantern riddles", "show love", "snatch red packets" and "send benefits". This flower show had great improvement no matter in the form of display or creativity in activities.

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