Classical 947•Chenshan Natural Life Festival is Going to Open



In the golden autumn season, the sweet and refreshing fruits, beautiful colors, and fragrant aroma enrich people’s taste, vision and smell. For this great season, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is collaborating with Radio Shanghai to launch its new brand activity ——Classical FM 94 7 · Chenshan Natural Life Festival during October 1st-7th. This is another "big action" in the field of plant and art after the Chenshan Grassland Broadcasting Music Festival in May every year. At that time, the citizens will wander in the sunflower sea, listen to beautiful songs, experience wonderful activities, and encounter the romantic autumn amorous feelings.

If there is any place in Shanghai that can be called the Wizard of Oz, it is Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden. The Classical 947·Chenshan Natural Life Festival is planned on the basis of the nature, art, life “trinity” concept, which will present 14 musical and theatrical performances and 28 art experience camps during the seven-day National Day holiday. It collects the interesting experience of plant science popularization, cultural and creative market, Art Tour and so on. Chenshan Botanical Garden is not only a garden, but also a healer that can reassure urban people's mind, and a natural magician all year around. In its 12 thematic exhibition areas, different kinds of Ins styles on the photographic background wall make you feel amazing. Meanwhile, we only need to buy the regular entrance tickets to the Botanical Garden that can enjoy the wonderful activities throughout the day, giving a new choice for your family to travel during the "National Holiday". In addition to making tourists feel the beauty of natural mountains and rivers, magicians dressed in fairy tale world costumes, stilts and cartoon dolls will appear in the park's important scenic spots, and the tourists can take photos with them and play with them. Citizen tourists can also "stroll and eat" the delicacies around the world at gourmet street, and buy gifts at cultural and creative market, or open a picnic in camping areas...

At that time, the Chenshan Botanical Garden will become the focus of nature, art and life, just because art can be as natural and ordinary as life. If the Chenshan Grassland Broadcasting Music Festival takes nature as the stage and builds a bridge between art and the general public, then the Chenshan Natural Life Festival will extend the "last mile" of the bridge, so that high-quality artistic experience is readily available and people can "enjoy the flowers, time and life" in nature.