2017 Chenshan Flower & Fruit Show Grandly Held at Chenshan Botanical Garden


During Sept. 30-Oct. 15, the half-month Chenshan Flower & Fruit Exhibition 2017 was grandly held at Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Chenshan Botanical Garden's tour routes and the East China Garden's more than 10,000 square meters of exhibition area "Golden Sea of Flowers" exhibited nearly 20 varieties of ornamental sunflower. Apart from common golden yellow sunflowers, there also were orange-yellow, orange-red, wine red, black, lemon yellow, red & yellow double-color sunflowers. On both sides of the main tour route from the main entrance to the Exhibition Greenhouse passing by the Quarry Garden, there was the "Corridor of Gourds and Fruits", planted with nearly 20 varieties. This year, the pepper exhibition area's highlights still were the hottest peppers. Carolina Reaper, Trinidadian Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, 7 Pot Brain Strain, and other world's hottest peppers gathered in the vegetable garden. The Succulents Greenhouse, which is Asia's largest single greenhouse, integrated cultural elements representing Australia, America and Africa. About 3,000 pots and 300 varieties of succulent plants were exhibited in the form of scenic spots, units and combined miniature landscapes.

Apart from the characteristic scenic spots, brand events such as the music carnival, flowers and fruits pairing, babies sitting on the royal water lily also pushed 2017 Chenshan Flower & Fruit Show to the climax.