Enjoy yourself in the soon-to-open 2019 Chenshan Spring Flower Show


From Feb 1 to 20, 2019 Chenshan Spring Flower Show  is about to open. Tens of thousands of pots of flowers gather into a sea of flowers, welcoming tourists from all over the world during the festival.


This flower show mainly displays famous Chinese and foreign flowers such as peonies, tulips and alpine rhododendrons, and elaborately sets up four exhibition areas to present the first wave of early spring flowers with unique characteristics of chenshan for the general public.


A variety of themed activities will also be held during the flower show, including the peony New Year celebration, "impression of chenshan" four seasons photo exhibition, "love of falling in love", Chinese New Year welfare, parent-child activities, selection and sales of Chinese New Year flowers, etc.


All visitors with "zhuo", "yue", "Chen" and "shan" in their names during the Spring Festival (February 4-102019) can enjoy a free visit to the park with their valid certificates.