Chenshan Botanical Garden Successfully Holds a Highland Rhododendron Show


During March 23-April 4, Chenshan Botanical Garden held a Highland Rhododendron Show at the Indoor Garden. Elaborately created by a German design team, this exhibition told a keynote story about the colorful highland azaleas, which took root and sprouted in the middle land, spread and flourished in Europe, and returned in glory to its hometown now.

The designed keynote was "returning". Through 5 scenic spots, i.e. Feast in the Courtyard, Deep Courtyard, Blossoms in the Field, Fallen Leaves Back to the Roots, The Present Life, the show displayed different landscapes of highland Rhododendron, presented the design thought of the famous flower from the middle land returning to its hometown. This Highland Azalea Show exhibited 31 varieties of highland Rhododendron introduced from Germany, more than 240 individuals. Domestic tourists glutted their eyes.

Chenshan Botanical Garden held this Highland Rhododendron Show to let more tourists appreciate this garden treasure.