Shanghai's Only "Babies Sitting on the Royal Water Lily"


On Oct. 8, Chenshan Botanical Garden organized this year's first "Babies Sitting on the Royal Water Lily". Babies from 20 lucky families sat on the "Royal Water Lily Boat" and took photos to mark the occasion.

During this "Babies Sitting on the Royal Water Lily", to increase parent-child interaction, the botanical garden prepared professional waterproof suits for the parents. They could stand in the water and took photos with their babies sitting on the King Lotus. Apart from letting everyone feel the King Lotus's magic, the botanical garden also organized the participants to watch the science popularization video “Growth of the King Lotus, the Plant of Strength in Water" and the 4D science popularization film "Wings of Life", make rubbings from plant leaves and petals. In addition, the botanical garden also arranged staff to guide the participants around the Aquatic Plant Garden.

"Babies Sitting on the Royal Water Lily" has been held at Chenshan Botanical Garden for 7 years. Because of its uniqueness, it has gradually become a brand event of Chenshan Botanical Garden.