Chenshan Botanical Garden's New Year Flower Show Unveiled


Before the New Year of 2018, Chenshan Botanical Garden prepared a New Year Flower Show for visitors.

This exhibition used more than 7,000 pots of flowers. The charming Euphorbia pulcherrima  was the show's major focus. Apart from common Christmas plants, there were ten Euphorbia pulcherrima trees rare for our citizens to see. Our gardeners took meticulous care of them in the back greenhouse for five years. This was their first appearance in front of visitors. The ten suspended flower balls made of more than 400 Euphorbia pulcherrima plants also enhanced the scenic spot's visual effect. In addition, four colorful and elegant Christmas trees made of pine trees, decorated with Euphorbia pulcherrima, Cyclamen persicum, ornaments blended into the surrounding environment and created a joyful festival atmosphere.

On the occasion of Christmas and the New Year, Chenshan Botanical Garden created a festival atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.