An Upcoming Water Lily Show in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden


The series works of Water Lily of the famous French painter Monet is praised far and wide in the history of art, which also makes the water lily, the plant, known around the world. The 2019 water lily show will be held by Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden from August 18 (Sunday)to September 18 (Wednesday), presenting visitors with a dream-like world of water lilies.

There are more than 300 varieties of water lilies on display in this exhibition with blue and purple as the main colors are and seven exhibition areas for you to enjoy the infinite charm of water lilies. Among them, there are 160 species of tropical water lilies and more than 140 species of cold-resistant water lilies which are exhibited in Chenshan Botanical Garden, of which 20 species in total are exhibited for the first time. Among the seven exhibition areas laid out in the garden, water lilies are displayed in different categories to show their infinite charm, and you can enjoy them one by one. Based on the species of the previous years, some new water lily of multipetalous blue-purple series have been added. At the same time, combined with garbage classification, exhibition areas in line with the trend of the times have been arranged to further enrich the contents of the public park.

During the water lily show, various activities which are suitable for participation will be organized by Chenshan Botanical Garden carefully, such as horticultural forum of "Aquatic Plants on the Dining Table", a baby who can change to hundreds of images sitting on the lily and "Happy Lianliankan" orientated treasure hunting in the park and other entertainment activities. This water lily exhibition aims to cultivate people's perception of plants, publicize the application of water lily in education, culture and other fields, lead the trend of the times, and enhance the brand influence of water lily show.