2018 Chenshan Flower & Fruit Show Opens


In the autumn season, sweet and refreshing fruits, colorful scenery and fragrance enrich people's vision. From September 28 to October 21, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Fruit and Flower Show is held, to watch the sunflower pumpkin fruit grass flower as the theme, chili peppers and other fruits and vegetables to bring tens of thousands of square meters of the flowers, more than 10 varieties of the melon fruit and the bands of different styles, elaborate a flowers and visual feast.

During the exhibition, lots of fruits, vegetables and flowers appeared during the show, the main Settings ‘Autumn feast’ ‘Pepper kingdom’ ‘Rural green vegetable’ ‘Mr Rabbit Sunflower maze’ ‘insect tunnel’ colorful fruit for eight theme attractions. At the same time, the melon and fruit in a botanical garden ornament, organic series theme of various locations in viewing route.

Flowers and during the exhibition, visitors can not only enjoy flower to admire the view, can also take part in 6 exciting activities, experience the glamour of the plant and gout, relative knowledge of plants, feel the atmosphere of the autumn harvest, the sunflowers experience activities of fruits and vegetables, joy king harvest season, hot champions and music carnival will lead the visitors intimate contact with nature.