The 4th Nature Carnival Opening Later This Month


Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is co-planning the 4th Nature Carnival with the Alibaba Foundation, the Paradise International Foundation and the Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Management Station. The Carnival will be held from April 20th to April 21st at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Fuzhou Guling Tourist Resort. Citizens can sign up and participate in the event through the Nature Carnival WeChat Mini Program.

In order to let more citizens and families walk into nature, get close to nature, and participate in rich and interesting natural experience activities, the 4th Nature Carnival continues the natural experience, the natural market and the natural reading pavilion, while the Nature Carnival uses the vast space of the botanical garden to add natural tent festivals and bring people closer to nature according to the introduction of the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden. At that time, there will be more than 150 non-profit organizations participating in the carnival exhibition; the carnival event also invites young idols to act as “Nature Experience Officials” and advocates nature education.

Nature education is a popular education model, which aims to encourage people to escape from the normal life, let people relax, get close to nature, love nature, feel nature, and better perfect themselves. The nature carnival event is held to promote the natural public fashion style of the whole society, advocate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, reduce the natural deficiency, and let people advocate nature as a trend.