“Chenshan Fantastic Night” Summer Camp will be open soon


In the sweltering summer, are the little children at home even less active? Stay in a space with air-conditioning for long time is really not good! Why not to apply a summer holiday’s camp for children, Let children entering nature, sleep in botanical gardens at night, to spend an unforgettable summer holidays. “Chenshan Fantastic Night” Summer Camp will be in full swing open soon, come to grab a seat for your children!

The Chenshan Botanical Garden covers an area of 207 hectares, with more than 20 special botanical gardens, which provide various flowers, plants and interesting small animals from five continents. In midsummer, Current season plants such as hibiscus, sycamore, "Wanvisa" as for water lily championship etc. have been in full bloom. The children who participate in summer activities, come from different families, leading by their teachers, children will spend 2 days and 1 night together which “only belong to” themselves. In the botanical gardens, children will learn about magical plectranthus tomentosa, intoxicating Rosmarinus officinalisattend a "plant specimens class", and will explore the " Conservatory Garden" at night to complete a "fantastic adventure" . This year, Chen Mountain Botanical garden will unite parent-child website such as“Fumubang”, “maitao”, “ant child-parent”, “Qinghe education” and “zjkepuyouzi” for co-planning organization of 15th summer camp in July and August, to bring children a wonderful feast of the plant kingdom. Primary and secondary school students aged 7-12 can enroll. In order to exercise children’s independence and autonomy, these activities are mainly attended by children, and parents are not accompanied by them. For details of application, please pay attention on official Wechat of Shanghai  Chenshan Botanical Garden.

To make friends, hone their will, competitive intelligence, here is the stage for children to express themselves, here is the Ocean of plant knowledge, here is the camp that witness children’s grow up. “Let children measure the world with their feet, let children grow up together with their friends in plays”, In fact not only children but parents who grow up, it’s also the purpose and meaning of holding “Chenshan Fantastic Night”.