2019 "Pure and True" Chenshan Lawn Radio Music Festival Will Come Soon


The annual Chenshan Lawn Radio Music Festival will come as promised. From 18 to 19 of May, the 2019 "Pure and True" Chenshan Lawn Radio Music Festival organized by Shanghai Broadcasting's professional classical music frequency "Classic 947" will be held in Chenshan Botanical Garden. In two days, there will be four concerts on the big and small stages. The cast is still expected: Shi Yijie, Han Peng and Xue Haoyin, the three-dimensional young tenors from Shanghai, will perform brilliantly and offer sincere praises for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China; European-renowned conductor Eisenbach will perform with new violinist Chen Rui.

Judging from the repertoire, the performance on the first day will not only include such well-known classics as "Starlight Brilliant" and "My Sun", but also the aria of "What a Happy Day" in "Girl in the Army", which is a series of nine High C dazzling works, will also test the singing skills and wonderful handling of the three singers. Since it is a blessing for the motherland's birthday, it is natural that classical Chinese works are indispensable. At that time, the three tenors will also sing together "I love You, China", "My Motherland", "Me and My Motherland". In the next day's performance, Eisenbach will lead the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra, a European radio orchestra that is visiting China for the first time, to perform works that have both local characteristics and resonate with Chinese audiences. Among them, there are excerpts from the Czech national music founder-composer Smytanaxi's opera The Betrayed Bride, and also excerpts from the youth-filled dance music Scalav by composer dvorak, and the American-style Symphony No.9 From the New World. Of course, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake waltz, which is best known to Chinese listeners, and Hungarian Dance, which is composed by Brahms of generate with speed and passion, will also be played by artists.

For outdoor music festivals, besides high-quality evening music performances, rich daytime activities are also needed to embellish the fun in the countryside. It is reported that in this year's small open stage, four new generation musicians, Dang Tao, Fang Shujian, Xu Junshuo and Wang Jielu, will sing for you. The program Super-Voice, which was broadcast not long ago, has been liked by many people. The door to appreciate world-famous musicals and excellent original musicals in China is opening to more ordinary audiences. For more activity consultation, please subscribe the official WeChat of Chenshan Botanical Garden.