Visitor services

Tour Buses 
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has 12 tour buses and 2 mini trains, with 8 stations. It takes about 30 minutes to finish the tour. Ticket price: 10 Yuan/person. 
There are three tour bus ticket vendors (respectively at the Starting Station, Rock Medicinal Plant Garden Station, Greenhouse Station), which support payment by WeChat or Alipay. The ticket offices at Gate 1 and Gate 2 also sell tour bus tickets. 

Sightseeing Boats 
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has a marina on the east bank of the west lake. It provides rental pleasure boats. There are 25 four-seat electric boats, 40 Yuan/hour for each boat; 10 four-seat pedal boats, 40 Yuan/hour for each boat; 15 six-seat electric boats, 60 Yuan/hour for each boat; cash deposit 100 Yuan for each boat. 

The green restaurants in the General Building's hall at Gate1 and the Public Space at Gate 2 provide Chinese/Western meals. 

There are four small shops and one convenience store, selling all kinds of beverages and snacks. 

Free Visitor Services 
1、Rental wheelchair (cash deposit 500 Yuan) 
2、Rental baby carriage (cash deposit 300 Yuan) 
3、Rental walking stick (cash deposit 100 Yuan) 
4、Rental umbrella (cash deposit 30) 
6、Sewing kit 
7、Nursing room 
8、Boiled water