The Oldest Living Things in the World


[USA] Rachel Sussman, translated by Liu Su, 2016, Beijing: Peking University Press . 
In the past ten years, the author Rachel Sussman travelled across the five continents, from the Arctic to the Mojave Desert in the USA, took photos of 30 kinds of rare ancient creatures that have existed for more than 2000 years. Each one of these precious old living things is an incredible miracle.They have survived in some extreme environments in the world after thousands of years. It's completely beyond modern people's imagination. However, environmental changes and human activities make many of them endangered.Even two have "died prematurely". With the precious photos of these old living things, the author tells her adventure stories of tracking them all over the world and the insights of some scientists who are studying the old living things and their living environments. This book successfully crosses disciplines, space and time, becoming the humanistic expression of environmental inquiry. Anyone who has read this book will be shocked by the beauty and vitality of those old living things, and then consciously think about the destiny of mankind and the fate of our planet.