An Illustrated Brief History of Sciences: Biology


Liu Su, 2015, Biology, Shenyang: Liaoning Juvenile & Children's Publishing House. 
"Progress in Sciences with Color Illustrations" series includes 5 books, respectively on mathematics, biology, chemistry, astronomy and geology. The book on biology is composed by Chenshan science writer Liu Su. It's his first science work published after he came to work at Chenshan. This book mainly shows the achievements in biology since the 19th century. It depicts the important events and figures in the development of biology by telling stories, let readers feel greatness and magic of the subject. It is a work that integrates scientific knowledge, scientific methods, scientific spirit. In 2015, the full series of books was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China as national outstanding works for science popularization. In 2016, it won the Gold Award in the 4th Outstanding Science Popularization Work Awards by the Chinese Science Writers Association.