Baby Sitting on the Royal Water Lily
This is a very interesting activity. Boasting extraordinary carrying capacity, royal water lily can hold up a hundred pounds of weight floating on water, which makes lovely children extremely happy! Dressing up in a variety of costumes, children can experience the great carrying capacity of lotus boat and also have a rare intimate interaction with their father dressed up in waterproof clothing…At this very moment, only photos can freeze frame the wonderful moment!

Creative Hand Workshop
For children, they can sit down and make handmade articles with their parents in the Children’s Botanical Garden equipped with amusement facilities. Isn’t that interesting? Chenshan Botanical Garden carries out all sorts of manual activities on holidays and festivals in the Children’s Botanical Garden, including rose soap making, paper folding and leaf collage. This not only exercises children’s hands-on ability, but also enables them to unconsciously learn about plants as they are playing. Remember, a very well known French child psychologist, Jean Piaget, said “ We remember 10% of what we hear, 30% of what we see and, 90% of what we do.” 

“Chenshan Fantastic Night” Summer Camp 
One of the unique opportunities for children at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is the Chenshan Fantastic Night Summer Camp. This highly rated and popular program was created to let kids have fun and learn at the same time. Children are encouraged to engage in hands-on scientific exploration as they build both team-working skills and independent thinking. This is a great way to encourage young scientists.

Research Center Open Day
To make more citizens and visitors have a deep understanding of Chenshan Botanical Garden as well as charm and importance of botanical research, Chenshan Botanical Garden organizes scientific research open day activities every year, for example, face to face with scientists, watching specimen digitization, entering the laboratory and visiting the research nursery, so as to transmit scientific concepts.

Horticulture Lecture
In order to make knowledge of plants accessible to the public and cater to citizens’ thirst for knowledge of various plants, Chenshan Botanical Garden carries out more than 10 popular science forums with different themes on an irregular basis every year, keeps open to citizens for free and invites relevant experts to make a brief introduction to plants, so as to allow citizens to learn more about plants.