Eastern China Conservation Center for Wild Endangered Plant Resources


“Save and Protection Project of National Wild Plants with minimum population— Eastern China Conservation Center for Wild and Endangered Plant Resources” was approved by State Forest Administration and established on October 16th , 2015. As a supporting institution of the conservation center, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden will devote itself to aggregate the key power of Eastern China, make an overall, systematically and scientific evaluation of the important wild endangered plant resources and rare strategic plant resources in the area, and carry out new technological research on ex-situ and in-situ protection, so as to form reproducible work standard, provide conservation intellectual and technical support, and form an conservation technical system for important endangered plant resources. The goal of the center is to become a minimum population plant conservation center with great-international-influence.

Organization Chart


(1)Awarding Ceremony of the Conservation Center was held on March 11th ,2016. The conservation center was jointly inaugurated by Mrs. Feng-xue Chen, Deputy Director of State Forest Administration, and Mr. Yue-xing Lu, Director of Shanghai Landscaping and City Appearance Bureau. 

(2)“Eastern China Conservation Workshop of Wild Endangered Plant Resources” was held on July 21th, 2016. Under the organization of the State Forest Administration, forest administrations from six provinces of Eastern China together finished the construction plan of the conservation center, and set up the leading group and work committee, which laid a solid foundation for carrying out the overall work of the conservation center.

(3)2016 IABG Plant Conservation International Symposium was held in November 2016. This symposium effectively gathered the front-line experts on plant conservation both at home and abroad, the leaders from forest system and the front-line staffs on plant conservation, and they made a sufficient academic communication on the topics like “Status analysis and evaluation of plant conservation in China” and “How to carry out plant conservation scientifically and effectively”.

(4)We drew up “Action Plan for Conservation of Plant species with Minimum Population in Eastern China”, and invited the experts both at home and abroad and the leaders of the forest system to deeply discuss the action plan, including Eastern China plant conservation plan in the future 20 years, how to set up a plant conservation cooperation system between the institutions and the natural reserves, and how to strengthen science popularization and talent training.

(5)We successively carried out investigation of wild conservation site in Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Fujian, and we will collaborate with Fujian to set up an in-situ plant conservation base.