Recently published articles


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Recently published research monographs

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Recent invention patents

Inventor Cathie Martin, Zhao Qing, Cui Mengying, Liu Jie
Invention Name A Gene Sequence Associated with Scutellaria Flavonoids and the Applicatoin
Category Invention patent
Patent Number 201710444685.2
Patentee Cathie Martin
Date of application 2017.6.13

Inventor Yuan Junhui, Hu Yonghong, Zhang Linjuan
Invention Name A Method to Obtain a Single Peony Chromosome
Category Invention patent
Patent Number 20140648397.5
Patentee Chenshan Botanical Garden
Patent License Number 2017081800101290
Date of application 20141114
Date of Authorization 20170823
Issuance authority State Intellectual Property

Inventor Xing Qiang, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Modular Vertical Greening Device CN 201720136004.1
Category Utility model patent
Date of application 20170215
Date of Authorization 20170803

Inventor Xing Qiang, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Solar-Powered Elevated Road Rainwater Recycling System CN 201720577728X
Category Utility model patent
Date of application 20170523

Inventor Xing Qiang, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Planting Box for Vertical Green Walls CN 201720135410.6
Category Utility model patent
Date of application 20170215
Date of Authorization 20170817

Inventor Xu Ming, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong, Xing Qiang
Invention Name A Tree Support Device Controlled by Wind CN 201720179390.2
Category Utility model patent
Date of application 20170227

Inventor Xing Qiang, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Modular Vertical Greening Device CN 201710081166.4
Category Invention
Date of application 20170215

Inventor Xing Qiang, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Planting Box for Vertical Green Walls CN 201710080943.3
Category Invention
Date of application 20170215

Inventor Xu Ming, Qin Jun, Hu Yonghong, Xing Qiang
Invention Name A Tree Support Device Controlled by Wind CN 201710108997.6
Category Invention
Date of application 20170227

Inventor Qin Jun, Xing Qiang, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Solar-Powered Elevated Road Rainwater Recycling System CN 201710370970.4
Category Invention
Date of application 20170523

Inventor Qin Jun, Xing Qiang, Hu Yonghong
Invention Name A Solar-Powered Elevated Road Rainwater Recycling System PCT/CN2017/091434
Category PCT
Date of application 20170703