Appreciating Rare Orchids · Enjoying Quality Life - the 4th Shanghai International Orchid Show

Appreciating Rare Orchids · Enjoying Quality Life - the 4th Shanghai International Orchid Show

March 23 - April 8, 2018   Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

March 23 - April 8, 2018   
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

Themed " Appreciating Rare Orchids • Enjoying Quality Life ", this Orchid Show has invited Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Uganda, Ecuador, and China Taiwan to participate in the exhibition design, while invited Guangzhou, Guizhou, Fujian, Yunnan, Beijing and other domestic design exhibition team to participate in the exhibition.



 IUCN Species Commission Body of Orchid Experts Asian Regional Committee 
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden 


China Wild Plant Conservation Association Orchid Conservation Committee 
National Orchid Germplasm Resources Conservation Center 
Orchid Society of China 
Chinese Union of Botanical Gardens  

Six Exhibition Areas


"Encounter" - Orchid Floral Design Exhibition Area (Gate 1 Hall)

Digging deep into the theme concepts and stories of the venue, where the framework of orchids extends from the ground to the sky like a graceful waltz, coupled with lighting and landscaping to create an overall atmosphere, a unique and innovative orchids floral design exhibition area.


Tunnel Through the Air - Quarry Orchid Exhibition Area (Quarry Cave)

Sail across the suspended flowers floating between the groves of bamboo, step into the quiet cave, the high lumen projection renders a fantasyland of the orchids, which brings the audience in to a colorful and romantic "Tunnel Through the Air", the light and clear radioactive rays, combined with transparent containers and orchids, highlight the sense of future and high-tech of the entire work. The starting points of the twelve groups of rays represent the twelve constellations. This is a place where everyone can feel their connection with time, space and nature.


Natural Wonders - Theme Orchid Exhibition Area (Indoor Garden)

With the theme of“Wonder”, combined with the topography of the hall, especially the three-dimensional display of space, we invited domestic exhibition design teams from Yunnan, Guangzhou, Fujian, Taiwan, etc., to set up eight orchid exhibition areas to demonstrate the miraculous natural evolution of orchids and call on people to care for ecology and protect the nature.


Blossom on the Desert- Flower Arrangement Exhibition Area (Succulents Greenhouse)

Inviting floral arranging gurus from home and abroad, drawing on the unique desert landscape within the hall to perform orchid flower arrangement and floral creation, displaying the unique floral art with different countries' cultural characteristics.


Exotic Flowers and Rare Orchids - International Orchid Design Exhibition Area (Rare and Exotic Plants Greenhouse)

Focusing on the diversity of orchid varieties, the grace and beauty of orchids will be further presented. Six foreign exhibition design teams from Thailand, Ecuador, Indonesia, Spain, and Uganda are invited to carve a distinctive international orchid exhibition area.


Collection of Famous Orchids - Boutique Orchid Exhibition Area (South Lawn of the Green Theatre)

In the form of a creative container mix, an exquisite orchid exhibition area is set up to display about 300 kinds of fine orchids such as the award-winning orchids, Chinese orchids, Phalaenopsis, and Cattleya to further reveal the charm of the monolithic orchids.

Themed Activities 

  • Academic Seminar
  • Orchid Training Course 
  • International Orchid Exhibition Series High-end Forum 
  • Champion Orchid Selection 
  • Orchid Natural Notes 
  • Searching for Orchid Fairy
  • Dr. Plant Takes You to Appreciate Orchids
  • Explore the Botanical Garden

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