Second round of 2018 Asia Herbarium International Symposium


To promote the development of herbaria, improve herbarium management and service standards, and maximize its professional and public functions, which will help the herbaria to provide better service for scientific research, science popularization and economic construction, we are planning to host the 2018 International Symposium of Asian Herbaria at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai, China, from Nov. 17th to Nov 18th 2018.


The symposium will have the theme ofCooperation and Development: The challenges of digital age in the 21st century”. We will invite famous experts both domestic and abroad to share their latest progress on herbarium related works, including traditional collection, resource digitalization and networking, exchange and cooperation of herbariums. We sincerely welcome researchers and managers of Asian herbaria and their staffs in the related field both at home and abroad to participate in this symposium.


Time: Nov. 17th ‒ Nov.18th (Registration on Nov. 16th)

Venue: Lecture Hall of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden (Plant Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Science, 3rd Gate of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden), 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China

Language: English


1 Theme and Topics

Theme:Cooperation and Development: The challenges of digital age in the 21st century”

Topics: 1. Construction and Digitalization of Herbaria;

       2. Resources and Network Sharing of Herbaria;

       3. Cooperation and Development of Herbaria

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