2018 Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Water Lily Show Opens


2018 Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Water Lily Show will be held from August 18th to September 18th. More than 300 varieties of water lilies from around the world will gather at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, including 160 varieties of tropical water lily and more than 140 varieties of cold water lily.

There are eight exhibition areas, i.e. Goddess in Water exhibition area, Selected varieties exhibition area, Water Lily among Mountains and Waters exhibition area, General Aquatic Plants exhibition area, Foxnut in Lake exhibition area,Tiny Watery Town exhibition area, Skiff beyond the Ferry exhibition area and Tranquil Times exhibition area. Among them, N. stellata, N. 'Jakkaphong', and N. 'Tropic Star' will be exhibited for the first time in Shanghai. General Aquatic Plants exhibition area will also display eight edible aquatic plants, such as Sagittaria sagittifolia, Eleocharis dulcis , Brasenia schreberi, Oenanthe javanica, Zizania latifolia , Euryale ferox, Trapa bispinosa and lotus root.

During the exhibition, “horticultural lectures”, “Babies Sitting on the Royal Water Lily” and “water lily natural notes” will be held. In addition, 2018 Chenshan International Water Lily Symposium will be  held on August 17-19.


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