Grand Opening of the 4th Shanghai International Orchid Show


Chenshan Botanical Garden will kick off the "4th Shanghai International Orchid Show" from March 23rd to April 8th. Themed " Appreciating Rare Orchids · Enjoying Quality Life ", this Orchid Show has invited Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Uganda, Ecuador, and China Taiwan to participate in the exhibition design,while invited Guangzhou, Guizhou, Fujian, Yunnan, Beijing and other domestic design exhibition team to participate in the exhibition.


This Orchid Show has set up six exhibition areas, namely "Encounter" - Orchid Floral Design Exhibition Area, Orchid in the Vale - Quarry Orchid Exhibition Area, Natural Wonders - Theme Orchid Exhibition Area, Blossom on the Desert- Flower Arrangement Exhibition Area, Exotic Flowers and Rare Orchids - International Orchid Design Exhibition Area and Collection of Famous Orchids - Boutique Orchid Exhibition Area. Eight theme activities including Academic Seminar, Orchid Training Course, International Orchid Show Series High-end Forums, Champion Orchids Selection, Orchid Natural Notes, Searching for Orchid Fairy, Dr. Plant Takes You to Appreciate Orchids and Explore the Botanical Garden, will be held during the Show. 

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