Chenshan Botanical Garden’s Winter Camp Trip Starts


On January 27, the Xishuangbanna Rainforest Plant Exploration and Research Trip jointly organized by Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and Enjoyable Learning Trips formally started. After the one-day tour of Chenshan Botanical Garden, the children and parents flew to Xishuangbanna to explore the tropical rainforest’s secrets. This winter camp is an unconventional, meaningful and milestone science popularization activity. It is Chenshan Botanical Garden’s first “Going Out” activity for teaching and experiencing nature jointly organized with a social organization. The aim is to accumulate experience for more such activities in the future. Chenshan Botanical Garden will continue to stick to its mission to "research plants, spread love", further strengthen the "inviting in and going out" strategy, in order to increase the public’s love for plants, shorten the public’s distance to nature, improve the public’s awareness of environment protection.

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