2017 Chenshan Water Lily Show Opens Grandly


2017 Chenshan Water Lily Show Opens Grandly was successfully held from Aug 18 to Sept. 18. More than 300 varieties of water lilies from around the world gathered at Chenshan Botanical Garden.

This water lily show's total exhibition area reached 12,000 square meters. Five exhibition areas were arranged, i.e. small & mini water lily exhibition area, tropical water lily exhibition area, comprehensive aquatic plant exhibition area, cold-resistant water lily exhibition area, select water lily exhibition area. In terms of exhibition area, it could be called the biggest water lily show in China. In terms of varieties, it gathered more than 300 varieties of water lily from around the world, specially exhibited more than 50 varieties from IWGS, including all the award-winning varieties from 1997 to 2006. Three species bred in China also made a public appearance.

2017 Chenshan Water Lily Show not only provided citizens and tourists with a visual feast of water lilies, but also showed the achievements in the introduction and conservation of water lilies. 

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